In addition to its main activities UAB “Oriola Vilnius” is able to provide repackaging and batch release services. It is a common situation that manufacturer cannot forecast exactly, what and how much of products, which are distributed from its central warehouse, will be delivered to wholesale companies, located in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia. Accordingly, it cannot know how much of different language packages it must supply for the markets in the Baltic States. UAB “Oriola Vilnius” can help solving this problem - we provide repackaging services. It covers all pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products.  After receiving an order from any of wholesale companies, we are able to put required information on the product package and ship it to purchasing organization without delay.
In our company repackaging is understood as outer package change for pharmaceuticals, food supplements and other non-pharmaceutical products: docketing, leaflet inserting, full change of secondary package.


Production Manager

Loreta Meiduvienė
Phone: +370 5 2688 405
Fax: +370 5 2688 400