In early 2003, Oriola Vilnius UAB launched a new model of third parties‘ services provision – pharmaceutical logistic services, when medicines owned by the manufacturer are supplied to Lithuanian or Baltic markets from one central warehouse based in Lithuania. Supply is conducted in accordance with the pharmaceutical procedure requirements and meets the requirements of Good Distribution Practices for Pharmaceutical Products.

Medicines and pharmaceutical substances are supplied to the warehouse of Oriola Vilnius UAB from different manufacturer's factories situated within the European Union and outside its borders. In the warehouse, supply is consolidated, products of different factories are collected to one place - a central warehouse of the Baltic States is created from which products are sold to wholesalers based in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Manufacturer sustains the ownership right to the medicines and pharmaceutical substances and is responsible of establishing commercial conditions with pharmaceutical wholesalers and sale of products, i.e. carries out full commercial activities, while Oriola Vilnius UAB in this supply chain acts as a logistic services provider and is in charge of proper receipt and acceptance, warehousing of products, collection of orders and their preparation for dispatch and their further transportation.


Why pharmaceutical logistic services provided by our company are important for a pharmaceutical manufacturer?


–              One warehouse to satisfy the needs of three Baltic States;

–              Effective system enabling saving costs related with medicines distribution;

–              Quality logistic processes. Including validated supply of cold supply chain products, their transportation, drawn map of critical temperature points of warehousing premises;

–              The system offered to a manufacturer allows the latter to focus attention on the main activity – pharmaceuticals production and marketing – leaving other secondary activities to the pharmaceutical logistic supplier;

–              Growing flexibility of the supply chain enabling achievement of better sales;

–              Access to highly specialised, narrow-type knowledge;

–              Possibility of better control of business risk factors.


Today, over 12 pharmaceutical companies use our services. We provide services to all pharmaceutical wholesale companies operating in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 


Managing Director

Audrius Pivoras
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Logistics department manager

Dainoras Pipinis
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