Direct to hospital

Oriola offers possibility to reach hospital customers by direct deliveries. In direct to hospital smodel Oriola distributes from central warehouse directly to hospitals in agreed region.  The producer of pharmaceuticals agrees the terms and conditions with hospitals or with hospital pharmacies directly. Oriola handles all logistics, warehousing and distribution to hospitals.  Oriola can assist in tender documentation and contract negotiations.  Oriola works on basis of service fees. Additional services as invoicing and credit control are available.


Benefits for the producer

  • Cost efficient way of deliveries
  • No wholesale margin included
  • Only one inventory needed for hospital product range
  • Truly ethic way without any risk of corruption
  • High traceability and clear reporting


Managing Director

Audrius Pivoras
Phone: +370 5 2688 401
Fax: +370 5 2688 400

Logistics department manager

Dainoras Pipinis
Phone: +370 5 2688 471
Fax: +370 5 2688 400