The Latin word “Salus” means health, well-being, flourishing. This was the dream or ideal of Dr Otto Greither (1867-1930), a German doctor homeopath and the founder of Salus Haus.

Salus Haus started its operations in 1916. Company's concept of healthy living has always had at its heart the notion that a high regard for nature and man welfare go hand in hand.

The main products of Salus Haus are tonics containing herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals as well as herbal teas and tinctures. Many plants are supplied from biological farms that do not use chemicals. Wild plant quality is carefully controlled. Company's manufactured products contain no chemical preservatives, dyes, additives and alcohol. 


FLORADIX IRON formula contains iron (II) gluconate, vitamin C, essential B vitamins, as well as herbal extracts and fruit juice concentrates. Iron gluconate in FLORADIX IRON formula is already dissolved and absorbed in special type of food yeast, therefore this type of iron is absorbed very easily. It strongly promotes blood regeneration in comparison with other forms of iron. Presence of carefully selected plant extracts in FLORADIX IRON formula (nettle, fennel, couch grass and others) enhance digestive process that is very important for iron to be properly absorbed. Fruit acids in the fruit juice contained by the FLORADIX IRON promote absorption of the product.

FLORADIX IRON is available in 250 ml pack. Using 10 ml twice daily before breakfast and dinner, FLORADIX IRON helps maintaining optimal levels of iron in body.

Increased iron requirements are for women in the transition age and girls when menstruations start up. More iron is required for pregnant women as baby uses iron to provide itself with oxygen. FLORADIX IRON can be useful also for breast-feeding mothers. FLORADIX IRON is needed for children and young people during growth, as well as for athletes and people with active lifestyles.