Oriola has more than 100 years of experience in the pharmaceutical wholesale markets in Finland, Sweden  and the Baltic countries. The wholesale operations in Sweden were started already in 1907 and the Finnish Oriola Oy was founded in 1948. The Baltic wholesale operations were started in the 90’s. Oriola has gone through major changes to become a one strong Oriola wholesale brand.



 Oriola‘s representative Office has been established in Vilnius, Lithuania.



 Licence for pharmaceutical activities was received and own wholesale operations were started.



 Own warehouse for pharmaceuticals was opened at Lithuanian Film Studio.



 Premises for Oriola activities have been changed. Company moved to the warehouse, which has been built for the purposes of pharmaceutical distribution.



 Oriola concentrated on pharmaceutical logistics and became first one to start third party logistics services directed to pharmaceutical manufacturer.



 Oriola becomes a part of Oriola-KD after the demerger of Orion Group. Orion acquired a majority holding in Sweden’s second-largest pharmaceuticals distributor, Kronans Droghandel AB and Oriola and Kronans Droghandel were combined.